On a recent Trip to a Los Angeles antique dealer… I found some great things for my garden.  I actually wanted to move in.  I simply loved everything in this antique store and garden.  See what I found and how I displayed it in my garden.

These shutters are amazing… don’t you love the worn finish of the wood, the greyish tones?

I love these olive jars… they would be just right for a client’s garden.

The owner offered to give me this for free, because it was chipped… I have just the place to use it!

antique wooden troughI have a great use for this beauty too!

These may look in sad shape… but I am very excited to get them home to work into my garden design!

Back at home after antiquing… I find the perfect spot for the shutters to be placed in my garden.

Now they need some detail in front

Something to balance this lovely statue…

Mmmm… what else to add?  This is so much fun for me!  Shopping in the morning, designing my garden in the afternoon… a perfect Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Antiques For Your Garden

    1. Hi Jeannie,
      Thank you for your comment!
      I love your blog… beautiful images… we’d have fun shopping together! Do you have great flea markets in the Sacramento area?

  1. It was so much fun shopping with you that day. They really do have so many amazing things. The garden and outdoor spaces have turned out AMAZING. I love what you have done. The pieces you selected look like they were meant for the yard. Enjoy!!!

  2. I recently moved to Valencia from Colorado Springs. I am looking for great gardening shops in L.A. I love the look of this on your blog page. Can you tell me the name of it and any others you could suggest.

    Thank you,


    Clueless in L.A. 🙂

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