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Fairfield County is such a wonderful area for families, day time adventures to the beach, and building a keen sense of community. Its proximity to New York City and Westchester County Airport also increase its attractive features.

If you live in Fairfield County, you have invested in an area that’s always expanding and attracting new residents. Keeping up with the times is essential and understanding a client’s needs is part of my specialty as an interior designer.

Custom Window Treatments and Interior Design in Fairfield County Connecticut    from Interior Designer Tami Smight

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As a designer, I am a dutiful advocate of each home’s architectural origin, guarding the process to update a home towards a unique taste, without compromising its already established traits.  Fairfield County has many impressive properties, which were originally built as vacation homes for citizens post-Civil War era.  This type of unique, timeless architecture is important to preserve and maintain our community’s exceptional history.

During a recent visit of one Fairfield County home, I consulted a client on color patterns that would be best for her home due to its open space. Here are some tips I’d like to share:

When you have an open floor plan (living, dining, family room and kitchen are accessible to each other without walls in between), painting all the walls one color creates a desirable flow, and visually expands the space. In Fairfield County homes, I often recommend an off-white wall color, to emphasize the amazing quality of light in Connecticut.  A coat of paint (or two) transforms the room, and the color creates a magnificent energy, depending on the time of day.

In your rooms where doors are kept closed (bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, for example), permeating a new color will also create a more inviting space.  There is no right or wrong answer with this technique, as several factors come into play when deciding:  expression, complimenting accents or art fixtures in your home, an already established color scheme, etc.

Fairfield County is within range from my Weston design studio, which increases my availability to you.  Because of my location, I’m able to provide wonderful
Fairfield County interior design services to the following areas:

Darien | Fairfield | Greenwich | New Canaan | Stamford | Westport | Weston | Wilton

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A phone consultation to discuss your desires and my scope of work get the ball rolling in every interior design project.  My services and areas of expertise include custom window treatment, such as draperies and shades, color schemes, and deciding which types of materials to use in specific rooms, such as your bathroom or kitchen. Outdoor rooms, such as indoor porches (really, a mix of both concepts!) are my absolute favorite type of project! I believe your home should be a warm, comforting environment in which to live every day, as well as entertain guests. After working hard all day, you deserve to have the ultimate “staycation”! Beauty and function go hand in hand with my style.

I’ve written some blog posts on my great finds in the local area. Here is one of them: Antique Shopping in Fairfield County Connecticut for Furniture and Decor

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In 2001 I left a career as a Labor and Delivery registered nurse at UCLA for a career in interior design.  I feel the two careers are related in a big way.  I love to teach, and nurture my clients.

Interior Design is a beloved passion of mine, and I hope to make it as equally enjoyable for you. It comes down to helping people. It thrills me to no end to help express my client’s idea of a beautiful home.

After all, why do you work so hard if not to return to a safe haven to replenish and renew your spirit and connect with loved ones?

Home is where we celebrate birthdays and holidays, where we raise our children and create memories.

That is my highest calling as a designer, to create a beautiful and functional space that my client anticipates returning to at the end of the day.

I believe you deserve a home which will rise up to meet when you walk in the door.
Let’s create it together!

Tami Smight

Tami Smight