perfect private corner interior design in darien ct homeMeditation Space

Solitude is the new luxury!

In today’s stressful environment with so many distractions from social media, phones, and television, we all could benefit from a special place in the home to unplug and connect to the flow of peace and solitude. There are many books written and podcasts available to learn the technique of meditating. I encourage you to treat yourself to some peace and quiet once a day. In this Darien, CT home, we found the perfect spot to create a sanctuary for my lovely client.

Some of the key elements to infuse in your meditation space are:

Comfortable spot to sit

  • In this space, we used the stair landing and added a window seat with back pillows and a custom seat cushion. The pillows can be ready-made and easily found at Target or ETSY. Choose pillows in colors which complement the design style in your home.


  • With a small space, rather than place a table lamp, we added a wall sconce.

Window Shade

  • The natural woven shade in this space adds texture and a Zen-like quality to the space. The added benefit of controlling the light will allow an added sense of peace and calm.

Throw Blanket

  • For added warmth and beauty.

Side Table

  • To place an iPhone or speaker, if doing a guided meditation. You may not wish to meditate, but you can certainly benefit from a quiet corner in your home for other purposes with exponential benefits for you and other family members.

Reading Nook

  • Whether you enjoy reading pulp fiction or sci-fi thrillers on your Kindle, you deserve a spot dedicated to curl up and dig into your latest download. Creating that cozy spot can be quite affordable, and you may have all the makings in your home right now. Take a walk through the house, maybe it is in a master bedroom, or space near the fireplace in the living room. I often suggest the family room as a spot for a reading nook. Not every chair needs to have a view of the television. It is advisable and wise to place a chair near a window for natural light, without any distraction from a television screen. Add a stool to put your feet up, a floor lamp and a small side table for setting down your drink and book. How about a throw to wrap around you on a chilly day?

Time Out Corner

  • When I have a design I am working out in my head, or a challenge to solve, I enjoy taking a walk, weather permitting! But if it is nighttime, and I crave a spot to sit and think, there is nothing like a time out with a cup of tea. I set an intention of solving my problem, and leave my phone on airplane mode, and just allow quiet in a thinking chair. Before I get up, I agree to put the challenge on the back burner and move on to other tasks. My time out corner is in my dining room. I have an armless chair near a bookcase, and I use it daily!

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