When designing a space there are design principles I draw from to create the desired look and obtain the end result my client hopes for.

The design principle of repetition is one such tool and can be a friend or foe. If thrown together without consideration,  a repetitive grouping can be boring and messy.  To avoid the monotony of the same thing over and over, it is important to add variation, be it with color, size, and texture.

When implemented correctly a series of similar objects repeated in the same space or close together, become a work of  art.

If you just can’t get enough of something, repeat it!  Why?  Because when we repeat a design element, such as color, shape, or texture, we delight the eye as it dances around the room finding more of the same.


These lanterns are all similar yet hung at varying heights they create a dramatic cathedral effect and draw your eye upward creating the illusion of a taller ceiling and larger space.

Deep color and intricate delicate design add  more layers of dimension and drama.

colored glass

This collection of vases offers interest in varied colors and textures of the glass.  The stoppers finish off this jewel like grouping and give your eye something to explore. Try placing a grouping like this on a bookshelf, sofa table or transom window to capture the incoming light.

baskets with plants

Succulents and baskets compliment each other so well. You can create a virtual garden party or  in any space by repeating these colorful and low maintenance clusters of natural art in various groupings. The variation comes in the form of texture and color.

I captured this photo while visiting a Resort.  The gardener created these baskets to place in guests rooms.  Aren’t they beautiful?


One of my recent installations features a repetition of form in the light fixtures of this hallway, leading the eye toward the archways and into the next room.  The light dances off the Venetian plaster coffered ceiling quite nicely!

Do you also spy the repetition of the color purple in the chair, irises in the vase and the pillows on the settee in the distance.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of help to pull together a space in your home.  I am here to help you!  Tami Smight Interiors is a full service interior design firm for Fairfield County Connecticut.  Please call me so we can discuss your design project.

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