Lighting Restoration in Fairfield County

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There are so many wonderful places to go antiquing in Fairfield County, CT. I have written a few blog posts about some worth checking out.

When buying antique lighting, it is important to be sure the fixtures are wired properly, up to today’s standards. You certainly don’t want the fixture to cause electrical problems and jeopardize your safety in your home.

Check out this little treasure of a store in Fairfield County; E.J Kassery & Co. LLC in Norwalk, CT.

Services offered include:

  1. Rewiring and installation
  2. European to American conversion (really important as so many antiques come from Europe)
  3. Parts such as canopies and chains to complete your lighting project.

The landing page of the website has the slogan. “don’t throw it away before you bring it here”. I suggest you add this one to your home improvement file and then enjoy antique shopping!

Whether you need help shopping for that perfect home decor, a flooring consultation, or even are considering a home renovation and need help with interior design decisions for your Fairfield County home, please give me a call today for an initial consultation.

After you have done your antique hunting and restoration, try this for some fun in Fairfield County: Fun Family Train Ride.