country charm of New Canaan
What I love about the town of New Canaan is the sophisticated country atmosphere, and welcoming ambience for visitors.

I love to shop and dine on Elm Street and take visitors from my former home in California to see the most quaint and unspoiled New England town in Fairfield County (in my opinion).

Custom Drapes and Interior Design in New Canaan    from Interior Designer Tami Smight

country interior design to fit with New Canaan environmentNew Canaan is truly a family-centric community with so many activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy.  I really enjoy the New Canaan Chamber’s Village Fair & Sidewalk Sale, which is held annually on the third Saturday in July.

The annual Holiday Stroll also welcomes residents from neighboring towns, when New Canaan transforms into something out of a Dickens’s story book – carol singing, Santa Claus, and live entertainment get everyone in the mood for the holidays.

New Canaan is architecturally notable in New England and beyond because of the Harvard Five, a group of students and professors from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the 1940s and 1950s who revolutionized the world of architecture, inspired by the Bauhaus style, they employed open concept floor plans and new materials such as with Philip Johnson’s Glass House.  Driving through New Canaan and touring the variety of home styles is another one of our favorite things to do with our grown kids visiting from Brooklyn, NY (all of whom are artists).

One question I am often asked by design clients is “How do I mix period of furnishings and make it work? “

Well, it’s important that each piece in your home space, is not only functional, but also feels meaningful to YOU.  It is not only advisable, but desirable to mix vintage and contemporary pieces to create a juxtaposition.  Opposites do attract when choosing furnishings.

Yes, it can be tricky to create a room with furniture of various styles and eras effectively without it looking like a mess!

Here are some tips to guide in making it work for your New Canaan interior space.

“Tami has an amazing sense of design, she is knowledgeable and creative which makes working with her a pleasure. Step into a room designed by Tami and you feel immediately comfortable and at home. I am happy to recommend her to anyone that needs help with design, color selection, or window treatments. Tami is a treasure! “  Judith Kehiayan 

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Rhythm Through Repetition: one of the basic elements of design – Repeat color, shape, texture, pattern to delight the eye and create a flow, no matter the period of furnishings.  If you commit to bold colors in one room, carry it through to the other rooms either in wall color, fabric or accessories.

Natural Elements: I love to infuse natural materials which also serve as a cohesive element when furnishing with different styles.  Elements that are earthy and natural will be welcome in the mix – think of modern dining chairs paired with a rustic wood dining table, and a metal light fixture.

Cohesive Design Theme: This does not mean that you have to be strictly Victorian or Traditional in the space or entire home, what I suggest rather is a theme created through furnishings, color palette, accessories and art which speaks to an overall theme such as Coastal Casual, Parisian Bistro, or Scandinavian Minimalist.  For one client, she loved music, so we infused the home with some antique musical instruments.  This is almost subliminal, not knocking you over the head with the theme… like finding Easter Eggs.  This client was delighted, because it was a conversation starter with guests and reflected her personality!

 houzz interior designer award winner

In 2001 I left a career as a Labor and Delivery registered nurse at UCLA for a career in interior design.  I feel the two careers are related in a big way.  I love to teach, and nurture my clients.

Interior Design is a beloved passion of mine, and I hope to make it as equally enjoyable for you. It comes down to helping people. It thrills me to no end to help express my client’s idea of a beautiful home. Here is a related blog post on design solutions from a local New Canaan business.

After all, why do you work so hard if not to return to a safe haven to replenish and renew your spirit and connect with loved ones?

Home is where we celebrate birthdays and holidays, where we raise our children and create memories.

That is my highest calling as a designer, to create a beautiful and functional space that my client anticipates returning to at the end of the day.

I believe you deserve a home which will rise up to meet when you walk in the door.
Let’s create it together!

Tami Smight

Tami Smight