Earth Garden Plants in New Canaan

Photo Credits: Earth Garden New Canaan, CT

I am a sucker for container gardens. Poor Alec, we often are on a daily walk, or visiting a lovely New England town, and I stop to take photos of container gardens. Not just one photo, photos from various angles.

What do I do with all of these photos? I try to mimic the design in my own containers flanking my front door, around my patio and in planting beds.

Now I am getting better at it, practice helps. However, since I discovered Earth Garden of New Canaan, CT, I find it is money well spent to have my front entry containers done professionally. They create stunning container gardens for all four seasons.

And here is what is so cool about Earth Garden in New Canaan, CT – they will plant your containers off-premises by the Earth Garden mobile container team!

While Earth Garden is helping you with the outside, I can help on the inside with small consultations to help with decisions or full service interior design services for your New Canaan home. Contact me today to discuss your ideas.

Here is another New Canaan business that can help with additional design inspirations.