Contractor Joe Speranza Construction

Photo Credit: Tami Smight Interiors

When searching for the right residential home builder for our own Weston Colonial renovation, I met and interviewed three local contractors. I believe that it is a good business practice and advise my interior design clients seeking a contractor in Fairfield County, CT to do the same.

Although the bids were relatively close for the six-month renovation of our Weston Connecticut home, we chose Joe Speranza Construction for our project.

Joe Speranza Construction
(203) 613-3191

From the start, I had a confidence level in Joe that he was listening to our needs and that ultimately he had our best interest at heart. I believe how we do one thing is how we do everything. Before and after getting the project, Joe gave thoughtful consideration to my ideas, and has curated the best team of sub-contractors in his three decades of home building and renovation throughout Fairfield County and other areas of Connecticut.

Joe Speranza Construction thought of creative ways to trim our budget, adding monetary value to the project. He and his subs took extreme care of our home and respected the fact that my husband Alec and I stayed in the home during the entire construction timeline.

Joe works with his son, Dave Speranza, who will run the business once Joe enjoys the fruits of building homes for almost forty years. They are both on the job site every day. They answer my questions patiently and thoughtfully and are true gentlemen!

There are many moving parts to a home renovation project, and gathering the proper team is a big part of a successful project.

If you need guidance with the interior design, finding the right architect, interviewing the contractors, Tami Smight Interiors is available to be your trusted guide and advocate through your home renovation project in Weston or Fairfield County, CT. Call me at 203-677-1161.