front entry interior design Westport CTOne of the first questions I ask my clients when beginning a design project is “how do you want guests/visitors to feel when entering your home”. I get answers that vary in scope from “welcome, warm, casual elegance, sophisticated casual, well-appointed, formal, weekend casual”. You get the idea.

Your home, ideally, is an expression of YOU – your personality, the family who lives in the space. Your home ideally reflects your values, passions, interests, hobbies. Yes, all of this can be conveyed through interior design.

Think about the homes you have visited. Which homes stand out for you? Consider what it was that appealed to you? These are all deliberate choices for an interior designer, at least for yours truly!

Of all the spaces, the front entry is the most important for establishing this desired feel for the entire home. Here are some design tips and tricks to infuse your entry with some deliberate design elements.

Look Up

The ceiling is the most overlooked plane in a room. In a defined space, like a home entry, you have a great opportunity to use the ceiling as a design feature. Consider adding a statement light fixture on the ceiling. Often a semi-flush mount is required for a standard ceiling height of 8 to 9 feet. However, if your ceiling is 10 feet or more, you can go with a large-scale globe pendant or chandelier. Of course, the lighting selection will be dictated by the design style of the home.

In addition to a light fixture, consider painting or wallpapering the entry ceiling. This works for defined entry space only, rather than a ceiling which carries over to the adjoining rooms.

Look Down

An area rug, properly sized, will define the entry space. This rug will be a great opportunity to pull in colors, sets the tone for the design style of the home. Choose a Persian style for a traditional/transitional home. Choose a textured rug for a relaxed, beach-inspired home. Be sure you can clear the door swing into the home when rug/pad is placed down. Also be sure to make it large enough, too small a rug will visually shrink the space. We want to give an expansive feeling at the entry.

Last Looks

Hang a mirror to allow the last-minute check of hair and makeup as you answer the door or are leaving for the day. The reflection from the mirror will spread the light around and visually expand the space.

Look Around

Rather than an entry which is simply a pass-through space to adjoining rooms, look around at the space you have to work with. It is counter-intuitive but furnishing an entry will make the space feel larger, rather than smaller. Items which provide functional beauty are a bench for sitting down and putting on shoes. Consider a placing a textured basket to hold shoes for homes with no mudroom entry. Live flowers or plants will inject an organic energy and beauty and say, “this home is loved and cared for”. If you have a collection of small curiosities, place them on an entry table. Another purpose for an entry table is a place to stash away keys and other necessities, perhaps in an attractive tabletop box.

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