bold wallpaper interior decorating Westport CTIn my childhood home, my mom decorated liberally with wallpaper. She created a beautiful home, but I always thought of wallpaper as formal and a HUGE commitment when I was a young adult.

As a designer, I avoided specifying paper and opted for adding an accent wall color, large art or paint treatment.

Sometime around 2015, wallpaper started turning my head. It was showing up in designer showcase houses, and shelter magazines.

Cut to 2019, and wallpaper has returned with a strong presence. I love injecting a bold statement in small spaces.

Selecting the proper paper for the space is my passion. I want to let the walls do the talking in some spaces. Rather than have the paper compete with the architecture or fabrics in the room, let your choice be guided by color, scale and the drama you want to inject.

Not sure where you can make a bold statement in your home? Think of wallpaper in the following spaces

Powder Room

Go Big or Go Home! Make the powder room like the inside of a jewelry box. In a powder room, go large scale for added drama. You can also paper the ceiling in a coordinating paper, or paint the ceiling if there is a ventilation fan (it’s not desirable to have the paper interrupted with a vent fan).

Home Entry

The paper selection can have texture, and pattern, depending on the design style of the home. Paper in the entry draws a visitor in and envelops guests with a sense of warmth. The papered entry will also set the tone for the design style — if you love a beach-inspired theme, choose a sisal paper.

Interior of Kitchen Pantry

Often overlooked, because of the business with shelves and food, wallpaper on the walls of the pantry will add drama and look so lovely when the pantry doors are open. I believe having the paper will also cause you to keep the pantry organized and attractive

Back of Bookcase

Similar concept to the pantry, you may think that wallpaper would be wasted. Think again. If you are using the bookcase for decorative items, you can choose a patterned wallpaper. If the bookcases are used for books, as in my home, perhaps a bold colored sisal wallpaper would be the added punch you are missing.


As we transition from the garage or driveway to the mudroom or hallway entry – wallpaper will inject the surprise element. It can be big and bold, and you may want to choose something durable if shoes/wet items will brush against it. There are amazing choices in vinyl coated papers, which look like paper.

Master Bedroom

You may want to use a bold wallpaper on the headboard wall of the bedroom. In this case, go with a large-scale pattern, and texture would be lovely too! If going large with the paper, be certain to choose a solid (no pattern) for the duvet bed cover and sheets. We don’t want to overwhelm the bedroom, rather create one accent wall to set the stage.

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