So my last post introduced you to the legendary Los Altos Apartments in Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles.  The best part about our visit that day was actually seeing the inside of my friend Cindy DeFatta’s apartment!  Cindy has a natural talent for decorating, and in fact rents a space at the Urban Barn in Escondido, where she displays  and sells her talent for flea market decorating!

Urban Barn Escondido, CA

Claire and I were treated to a tour of Cindy’s charming apartment in the historic Los Altos apartments.Once inside, I captured this full shot of the living room.  The gray walls offset Cindy’s wall letters LOVE so perfectly.  There is a theme of “love” in her decor, as you’ll see in the photos that follow.

Cindy DeFatta Los Altos apartments

Everywhere I turned, I smiled, because Cindy’s home is a true reflection of her love of life, family and decorating!

vintage picture frames

These are vintage table cards from a restaurant, now used to display Cindy’s family photos, how clever is she? I was inspired every where I looked.

cocktails sign

The vintage Cocktails sign was quite a find, Cindy knew she had to have it!

flea market decor master bedroom

Cindy’s bedroom is delightful.  The antique shutters serve as a headboard, while the flower box at the foot of the bed adds whimsical charm.

vintage lawn pelicans

Cindy enjoys a view of the Hollywood sign off her bedroom balcony which is adorned with vintage lawn pelicans and live plants.  Take a bow Cindy, you have mad skills my friend!

antique car

The bathroom has the original tile and fixtures. Cindy’s flea market decor is the perfect compliment to the Hollywood glamour of Los Altos Apartment.

flea market window as picture frame

Cindy used a vintage window to create a picture frame, placed over her bathtub.  The patina and texture are the right balance in this setting.

Love decor theme

There is a theme of “LOVE” throughout Cindy’s decor, the burlap pillow with leather letters is my favorite!  This LOVE art from Fred Segal Santa Monica is signed by Mr. Segal himself.

Burlap pillow

Cindy found this chair at a flea market in Texas, and had it covered in cowhide!  It is surprisingly comfortable!

Vintage fireplace

This vintage mantle created a stunning focal point in Cindy’s large living room.  I just love how Cindy features images of her kids, mixed among antiques and found objects.  That pink coral is quite rare!

Skis made into table

Vintage skis are re-purposed into a cocktail table thanks to Cindy’s creative talents.The candle drippings are amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Cindy’s “Love” nest.  I felt so inspired at every turn.  Cindy DeFatta is a successful realtor with Coldwell Banker Hancock Park, serving greater Los Angeles area.  If you or a friend are in need of her talents, you can contact her via email directly at

Creating flea market decor is so much fun, and with some guidance, I can help you express your design style in your home.  Please review my services and contact me when you are ready to focus on making your home sing!