If you find yourself in the Newport Beach area of California,  it is well worth your time to stop in to visit a great store called Juxtaposition.

juxtaposition |ˌjəkstəpəˈziSHən|(noun)

DEFINITION: The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect: the juxtaposition of these two images.

By definition, this store is staged to express the beauty of contrasting objects. Timeless in its design, I poured over every vignette to gain design inspiration. Take a look at what I found during my visit.

I suspect this store changes often, so visit and see what you discover, then let me know!


As the sign suggest outside the front entry, give the unique store a chance, rather than relying on the chain stores to feed your design fix.


Gray concrete planters are placed next to each other to create this pleasing grouping. Offset by size and placement, the repeated design has interest and variation.


A symmetrical vignette of chairs and feather pillows beckons a cozy conversation.



The juxtaposed wood with a matt finish plays against the reflective buckets and chrome mirror.


The pair of round mirrors work as a frame to ground the armoire as the centerpiece of the room.


Juxtaposition is evident everywhere in this photo, can you find all of the ways it is expressed?

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