Tired of Wasting Water?

Alec and I recently decided it was time to go “green” in the back yard.  Our beautiful landscape has matured, making it impossible to grow a healthy lawn of grass.  So we decided to re-think the back yard concept.  Follow along as I show you my design.

A New Canvas

We started with tearing out all the grass in the back.

Getting Ready for the pavers

Inspired by the design of the patio, I added cement pavers in a stone color… to unify the two spaces and eliminate all that watering!

Time to call in the Landscaping Pro!  My friend and colleague, Julie Molinare of The Grass is Always Greener Landscape Design removed and added plant life to update the look of my planters.  She is the EXPERT when it comes to creating a landscaped garden!

Shopping for Pottery

Julie and I meet at the nursery to select the right pottery for the new garden… such fun working with Jul!

Planting Day

Julie and I get to work planting the beautiful plants Julie selected for the water-wise garden.

My boxwood topiaries to flank the fountain.  This gives the fountain a greater sense of importance and leads the eye to this focal point in my garden.

Specimen trees

This is where they will be placed, flanking the fountain…

The boxwoods are in place!

Friends Stop By…

Our friends Harriette Knight and Sheri Varela stop by to take a sneak peak at our joint efforts!

Friends take a sneak peak

My Favorite Spot

This became my favorite part of the design…   After removing the grass, Julie expanded the planter area, and created two paths around the tree, very good for fung shui! I selected a lovely flagstone with isotoma planted between the stones.  Once it grows in, it will be a soft green carpet around the stones.

This is the design sequence…

I selected this wonderful container to place in the planter.  Julie selected a cascading plant for it and a taller grass.

The grass was removed, planter enlarged, earth leveled, added the flagstone, primrose

In theory, I knew it would be great, but in this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!What do you think of my favorite garden spot?