Ilusion & Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer), California

"Hi Tami, Cesar and I got home last night from New York and we absolutely love our new bedroom. The draperies are stunning! Thank you so much! We want to have you back to design window treatments for our kitchen and family room."

Betsy Meacham, California

"Hi Tami, We have missed you around here! ...We are enjoying the rooms soooo much! Thanks for all of your hard work, we are having both sets of grandparents come out in the next few weeks and are so excited to show them the new rooms! I want to add on to my house just so I can work with you again!"

Corie Urey, California

"Hi Tami, I wanted to thank you so much again for helping me to transform my backyard into a cozy retreat, everyone LOVES it! Wow does it look great; I also found some beautiful lights that my husband put up for me to replace the floodlights. You were right about the lights, they made a huge difference! The art piece above the console couldn't have turned out any better, I love that piece. It was a joy learning from you!"

Michelle Witkin, California

"Dear Tami, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how much Loren and I are truly enjoying the results of our work with you. Thanks to your vision, after 12 years of living in this house, we are enjoying our home more than ever now. We are discovering areas of our home and yard with a new appreciation. Our master bedroom deck was never used and long neglected; I wanted to tear it down. You convinced us to keep it and assured us that with a fresh coat of paint and some attractive furnishings and accessories it would become a very useful space. Well, we were a bit skeptical about that, but we went along and - WOW - we love that space now. We spend time out there reading at night under the stars by candlelight. I think we have spent more time out there in the last month than we have in the entire time we've lived in the house. I also have to comment on the side yard. After years of unsuccessful attempts to create a garden oasis, I gave up! Now, with your design, I find myself gazing into a yard that has become exactly what I've envisioned. My friends have asked to shoot their family photos by the beautiful vine-covered arbor that you created. Our home’s living space used to end at the interior walls. With your design, the interior of our home now flows beautifully into our backyard, creating one lovely effect and a place we love to be in with our children, and to invite our friends over to share. We look forward to continuing to work with you and to more magical results."

Maureen Wilson, Illinois

"Tami brought her creativity, knowledge and an overabundance of patience with her every day. Tami truly listens to what you want and makes your vision a reality."

Sam & Steve Jones, Connecticut

"You're not going to find a better designer with such creativity skills than Tami."

Sarah Scopio, California

"Tami Smight is a visionary! I was floored at how she had taken our ideas and transformed our home!"