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What makes Wilton so very charming and appealing, in my opinion, are the preserved landmark homes, the quaint Center Street anchored by Lang’s Pharmacy, and the beautiful pastoral roads through forest.

It truly feels like I am stepping back in time when I travel there, as I do weekly from my Weston home. 

Custom Drapes, Window Treatments and Interior Design in Wilton CT    from Interior Designer Tami Smight

beautiful forest in connecticut

Both new Wilton Connecticut residents and those with established roots share a strong commitment that Wilton retains some of its rural heritage.  As your designer, I honor that commitment.  I look at your entire home, the year it was built, the architectural strengths or shortcomings.  So even if engaged to design a living room, I want to see the entire home, to create a flow from one room to the next, and a flow from the exterior to the interior.

Considering the high ratio of antique homes in Wilton, a great question I received from a Wilton interior design client was “Can you express my design style in my nineteenth century home, while honoring the period the home was built?”

Well, that is what I absolutely love to do!  In working with you, I will assess your design style.  We can do that a number of ways, it all starts with a phone call, followed by an in-home consultation.  If you are willing and able to create some idea boards on Pinterest and/or houzz.com, we can review those images to discuss your design preferences.  On rare occasions, I have a client who is not able or interested to cull through images on the internet.  That is fine too!  In that case, I will ask the proper questions and show you images so we can start to communicate visually, pinpointing what it is you desire as the end result for your space. We can also browse the local stores. Here is an affordable home decor store I love in Wilton.

After we establish the scope of the project, and I am engaged on the project, I move toward the design phase. During the design phase, I select all of the materials, furnishings, artwork, lighting, paint color palette etc for your project. In reference to the client question about honoring the period of the home;  I do so either with some architectural details in and outside the home, I also propose a mix of periods of furnishings, accessories, rugs, so the room may look as though the items were collected over time. Antiques work equally well in a modern space as a traditional one.

“Tami Smight is a visionary. She led us through a process of clarifying what we wanted and choosing a color palette. When Tami presented our design “road map,” I was floored at how she had taken our ideas and turned it into a plan that flowed from our front door to our living room. She narrowed each furnishing option down to two choices, and it was easy to pick our preference. Tami also excels at choosing paint colors and sheens. For our family room, she choose the perfect shade of blue and it feels like the sky has come into my home. Last week, we sat and had a conversation in our living room for the first time, because the new grey wall color and furniture draws us into a previously unused space. As more and more furniture arrived, it became evident how all the pieces work beautifully together in concert. I cannot recommend Tami highly enough for her expertise, her skill in helping define your style, her attention to detail and her kindness. She is a true gem! Sarah Scopio 

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Tami Smight Interiors serves Wilton, CT easily from my office in Weston.  So finding a time to meet in your home is quite easy.  Did you know that you can engage my services for a small project or your entire home?  It surprises clients to learn that I offer design, and oversee fabrication and installation of lovely custom window coverings (think drapery, Roman Shades, custom blinds, sheers etc.)  If you need help selecting paint colors, give me a call for a paint consultation.  When choosing materials for a bathroom or kitchen renovation, I am your trusted guide and advisor to specify all the materials, to keep the project moving forward on time and on YOUR budget!

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In 2001 I left a career as a Labor and Delivery registered nurse at UCLA for a career in interior design.  I feel the two careers are related in a big way.  I love to teach, and nurture my clients.

Interior Design is a beloved passion of mine, and I hope to make it as equally enjoyable for you. It comes down to helping people. It thrills me to no end to help express my client’s idea of a beautiful home.

After all, why do you work so hard if not to return to a safe haven to replenish and renew your spirit and connect with loved ones?

Home is where we celebrate birthdays and holidays, where we raise our children and create memories.

That is my highest calling as a designer, to create a beautiful and functional space that my client anticipates returning to at the end of the day.

I believe you deserve a home which will rise up to meet when you walk in the door.
Let’s create it together!

Tami Smight

Tami Smight