Circa Lighting Showroom in Greenwich, CT

With artwork and lighting, you really want the best money can buy, to express your unique design style. Skimping on light or art, in my opinion, will diminish the overall design qualityRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 14, 2018

Home Decor Shopping in Greenwich, CT

Exploring my adopted home of Connecticut has been filled with fun discoveries. As an interior designer for Greenwich homes, I ask friends, neighbors, colleagues and store owners around Greenwich, CT about greatRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 14, 2018

The Best Museum in Greenwich, CT

Raising our kids in California, my husband and I embraced our responsibility to expose the kids to art appreciation, as the public schools did not have the means to offer art classesRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 7, 2018

Modernism Week Palm Springs 2013

I had the pleasure of visiting our dear friends Dede and Mark during Modernism Week and was treated to amazing design inspiration.  A common theme throughout my travels was the repetition of the colorRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 21, 2013

Flea Market Treasures and The Rose Bowl Pasadena

My friend, Cindy DeFatta, and I are like minded when it comes to admiring the beauty and patina of flea market treasures.  As southern California residents, we are so fortunate to haveRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 19, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

My favorite specialty painter in the Santa Clarita Valley, and greater Los Angeles area for that matter is the very talented Cindi Rowley of Cindi Rowley Designs.  Not to be confused withRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 14, 2013

Custom Versus Ready-Made Drapery

I had the pleasure of working with a lovely client recently.  Dr. Joy Montes called me because her ready-made draperies where just not working for her.  Having never worked with a designer,Read More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 12, 2013

An Enchanting Artist’s Cottage

Sometimes I walk into a client’s home, and just smile, because the house is a true reflection of the family who inhabits the home.  Such is the case with two of myRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Mar 3, 2013

Juxtaposition, Newport Coast, CA

If you find yourself in the Newport Beach area of California,  it is well worth your time to stop in to visit a great store called Juxtaposition. juxtaposition |ˌjəkstəpəˈziSHən|(noun) DEFINITION: The factRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Feb 28, 2013

Principles and Elements of Design

When designing a space there are design principles I draw from to create the desired look and obtain the end result my client hopes for. The design principle of repetition is oneRead More...
By : TAMI SMIGHT | Feb 26, 2013
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